Questions? We're here to help.

Are pets allowed?

We love our pets and are proud owners of several, however the property is not set up to accommodate them. With our gardens and furniture we ask that you keep your pets at home. There are several hotels in Taos that do have the proper accommodations. Thank you for understanding. 

Do I have to check in/out in person?

No, we’re glad for technology and the ability to provide a contactless experience. However, staff is available in the lobby for those who would rather be greeted by a real person.

Is house keeping available?

We will gladly tidy up your room if you desire. Sometimes it feels good to be served and we are here for you, we're just a shout away if our guests need anything. But we respect your privacy and housekeeping will be provided upon request.

Are children allowed?

We love kids and have three of our own. There are many places in Taos that will accommodate families, but we are not set up for small children. We welcome those 7 years and older and ask that you do keep an eye on them. The only exception would be for those interested in a property buyout.

Tell me more about property buy-outs.

Our entire place is available. Six rooms will be included as well as all the common areas. We will gladly cook and clean for you if interested. Let’s chat to see what’s best for you.

What’s so special about copper tubs?

Copper has a restorative effect on connective tissue and joint movement by reducing inflammation. It also assists in the development of collagen production which helps fight against aging and has moisturizing properties. Copper is also naturally anti-bacterial. Because it is so special we do not allow any body products in the tub. Please shower off before enjoying the benefits and do not use any salts or oils. Trust us, you won’t even miss them.

Do you serve alcohol?

We are in the process of obtaining our liquor license. We have amazing partners on deck to serve local wines. In the meantime we can tell you what spots to hit up.

What’s the best time of year to visit?

Taos is beautiful year round with each season bringing a new opportunity. The Ski Valley and Sipapu are opened mid-fall to early spring. Please check their sites for specifics: | 

If cold isn’t your vibe, late spring and summer bring beautiful landscapes - there are many hiking trails, river activities, and festivities throughout the year. Fall brings the harvest and fiestas. There is a small balloon rally every year for those that prefer something more intimate that Albuquerque. Be sure to check out our events section, or give us a ring.

What’s the closest airport?

Taos has a small airport with flights from Burbank, San Diego, Dallas, and Austin. Be sure to check for flights. Other options include Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Can I visit the Pueblo?

The Pueblo has opened their doors to visitors. This is a world heritage site and living Native American community. They offer guided tours and events. Please visit their website for updates and information.

Where should I hike?

Depending on time of year there are a variety of amazing options. Visit out lobby for more information.

Can I buy the art on the property?

Yes, we love to support our local art community. Tell us what you’re interested in and let's make a deal. If you would like to see more of an artist just let us know. We can guide you to shops, galleries, or even set up a home tour.


We value human interactions and the need to be seen, heard, and respected. If you have any questions about your stay at Desert Flower, please reach out. We're here to help.